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How to make a booking

send us a messge via the Contact Us page

How to make a booking

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How to make a booking

Telephone ~ Email ~ Buy online

How to make a booking

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HOW TO BOOK - Holidays & Courses

To request a space on a holiday or course you can either:

A: call us on +44 (0)1768 840400

B: send us a messge via the Contact Us page

C: buy online and submit your details to us through the website. 

Once we receive this information we will:

1: Contact you to confirm availability and collect any additional booking information we need

2: Take a payment from you by credit or debit card over the phone, or you can pay by online banking (BACs)

3: Send you an invoice, tour confirmation and pre-travel pack to help you get ready for your trip. If you only paid a deposit rather than the full balance of the tour cost then the invoice will show when the remainder is due

4: Advise you on the best flight options

Bookings from non-UK residents

All of our holidays are booked excluding flights, the website clearly shows this. Note that the tour dates may be slightly different from those shown online, as these include flight times to and from the UK.

Reservations from outside of the UK are handled in just the same way – complete the online payment and we’ll be in touch. Payments can easily be handled by online banking and all tour information will be sent by email. 

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