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Go MTB orientation mountain bike courses

Go Mountain Bike, or Go MTB, is a UK-wide award scheme for mountain bike skills approved by the CTC, MBLA, MIAS and British Cycling. If you want to use the Go MTB mountain bike awards as part of your cycle coaching programmes, you first need to go through this one day Go MTB orientation course.

Our Go MTB accreditation courses are approved UK-wide for all leaders from ANY training background (CTC, MBLA and MIAS).

The one-day orientation will give you everything you need to start delivering Go MTB sessions to your groups.

On successful completion of the Go Mountain Bike orientation you can:
  • Deliver Go MTB mountain bike training programmes and sessions to schools and groups
  • Issue log books and record the progress of pupils in them
  • Access free certificates through the Go Mountain Bike website
  • Issue official Go MTB certificates to riders as they progress


You can be assessed as a Go MTB Mountain Bike instructor at one of two levels – either “Go MTB level 3” or “Go MTB level 5”. This is dependent upon your personal mountain bike skills and the level of your existing mountain bike leadership award. Level 3 takes you up to coaching skills such as manuals, small drop offs and moderately technical descents while level 5 covers bunny hops, bigger drops and other advanced techniques. Your level will be determined during the day of training and assessment.

Go MTB Orientations

We offer one-day Go MTB mountain bike instructor orientations at three venues, with a wide range of dates to select from. Details are shown in the column on the right. You can sign up for any Go MTB orientation date as an individual or with a group.

If you would like a Go MTB orientation delivered at your venue, or a location close to you, we can do this for you. The Go Mountain Bike one-day orientation from CycleActive is nationally accredited and can be delivered at any centre in the UK. If you can bring together a group of 6 or more mountain bike or cycle instructors we will establish a Go MTB orientation at your chosen venue.

More About Go Mountain Bike

The Go MTB mountain bike awards scheme was created by Cycling Scotland to give mountain bike leaders and coaches a structure for running high quality mountain bike sessions in schools, clubs or youth groups. The Go MTB instructor manual that you receive on your course explains the mountain bike skills that are delivered at each of the 5 levels of the Go MTB award, and gives key coaching points on how to deliver them.

With your groups you can be flexible in how you use the Go MTB mountain bike award scheme. There are certificates for “Go MTB Taster Sessions” that you can run to give groups a flavour of what is on offer. You then have access to a source of student “Go mountain bike handbooks” which you can order for the group, and sign off as they complete each Go-MTB level, from 1 to 5.

What’s covered at each level of Go Mountain Bike Awards:

  • Riding Skills (75% of each award is skills based)
  • Sharing the outdoors
  • First aid
  • Being independent and self-supporting

These additional units are also progressive, and start with basic issues such as being considerate to other riders, taking home your rubbish and knowing how to perform basic personal first aid. Full details are shown in the Go MTB mountain bike instructor handbook.

Further information
If you’d like to book a Go Mountain Bike course for a group, or find out more about the programme and what it entails, contact us

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Price (per person)

Course Dates below - keep scrolling   calendar

Bike rental: £30, Kit bag with pump, inner tubes and multi-tool.
Helmet rental: is £5

What’s included:

Training room facilities
Pre-course information
1 day orientation
Go MTB Instructor manual
Go MTB Rider log book
Full accreditation (level 3 or 5)
Professional mountain bike instruction from an experienced Go MTB Tutor
Video coaching review and feedback
Guidance on Go MTB course registration and online processes
Post-course advice 

Course Dates:
The Lake District 
Dates are added on request


  Cost £150pp

Individuals & groups welcome


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