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Mountain bike skills courses, development and instruction have been at the heart of what CycleActive offers for over 15 years. We’ve been published in every mountain bike magazine, website and newspaper on the topic and our superb range of courses – delivered right across the UK – give all mountain bikers a way to step up their skills to new levels. 
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XC & All Mountain
Natural Terrain
British Cycling
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Singletrack Skills Courses
 Trail Centres
Get Started Skills Course

Learn to mountain bike the right way as we get you riding the trails with confidence and skill.

  • uneven terrain
  • climbing
  • braking
  • cadence
  • body position
  • descending
  • and more                                        Read More
Singletrack level 1
Trail Skills Course
Blast through, rollers and twisting terrain, master the art of line choice and ride with total control.
  • manuals
  • technical climbing
  • advanced cornering techniques
  • advanced braking
  • vision (line choice)
  • front wheel lift (wheelie)
  • and more                                        Read More
Singletrack cycleactive
Jumps, and Drops Skills Course
Master the manual and perfect your technique for flying off lips, drops, roots and jumps on any trail.
  • pump manual
  • pedal drop
  • small drop offs
  • rollers
  • table top features
  • all for xc trails
  • and more                                        Read More
Jumps and Drops Level 2
Natural Terrain All Mountain Courses 
The Lake District
Get Started Skills Course
This course teaches you the right skills in the right way. Ideal for complete novices or if you are currently riding easier trails
  • uneven terrain
  • climbing
  • braking
  • cadence
  • body position
  • descending
  • and more                                      Read More  
Get Started
Trail Skills Course
To progress as a mountain biker we teach you to flow through trails with balance, control and the confidence
  • manuals
  • technical climbing
  • descending techniques
  • advanced braking
  • vision (line choice)
  • front wheel lift (wheelie)
  • and more                                      Read More  
Trail Skills CycleActive
Mountain Skills Course
If you want to handle black graded trails and technical mountain routes with confidence, style and flow – this is the course for you
  • a very bespoke day
  • rocky descents
  • bunny hops
  • advanced line choice
  • extreme climbs
  • linking trail features
  • and more                                      Read More
  Mountain Skills
Guide Leadership Qualifications
British cycling Level 2 Mountain Bike Leadership Award
Lead groups on public highways, way marked routes, rights of way which cycles are permitted. The course covers the following: 
  • Planning and delivery of rides that are appropriate for your group
  • Leading techniques for effective group management
  • Map reading and navigation for a flowing journey
  • Management of accidents and emergency situations
  • Equipment set-up and trailside repairs
  • Core mountain bike techniques                                                     Read More
Go Mountain Bike orientation

The new proficiency scheme for mountain bike training follows in the footsteps of renowned programmes such as the BCU Star Awards. This is a great tool for coaches and leaders working with young people – having a nationally recognised 5-level award programme approved by all of the governing bodies.
  • You must hold a TCL, MBL or equivalent Qualification             Read More
  Go MTB CycleActive

Video Feedback and Online Review
On many of our courses we now use video to assist with your skills development. This is at the discretion of the instructor, as its use depends on where we are, the weather conditions and the requirements of the group. If you wish we can load video content onto our YouTube or Facebook pages so that you can review online, get additional feedback or ideas from our full coaching team, and benefit from your course for many months afterwards. You can also load up your own videos for us to give feedback on as you improve after the course – that’s all part of the service.


  skills  Readers ask the questions and BikeRadar – the world’s biggest cycling website – brings in CycleActive to provide the answers…

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