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MBLA Mountain Bike Leader - MBL

The Lake District / Eden Valley- England

 TCL MBLA Training - discontinued

Click below for the New British Cycling Level 2

BC training new for 2015
Mountain Bike Leader Courses  MBLA MBL

Course Facts

Mountain Bike Leader (MBL)

This two-day course, followed by a one-day assessment, is the next step after TCL and trains you in the advanced skills required to lead groups higher and deeper into the mountains. To do this safely and with the benefit of insurance, backed by best practice, you need to get this further qualification.

The MBL qualification is the highest level mountain bike leadership award available in the UK. There are alternatives from the CTC and MIAS but these are restricted for use above 600 metres only in good weather, and rely on leaders having other, non-biking accreditations for mixed or variable conditions.

As such, you should expect a high level of training and challenge when attending an MBL course, and at the end we will review your progress in detail and create a targeted action plan to guide you through to a successful assessment. 

1 MBLA (4 of 6)  6 MBLA (6 of 6) 

Our Training Approach
Our head of leadership training, Chris Ford, is one of the leading MBLA Tutors in the UK. He is a member of the MBLA committee, rewrote the entire mtb skills and coaching section of the 2010 Official Handbook, and is one of the six national Mentor Tutors, responsible for the training and development of the next generation of MBLA Tutors.

The courses we offer have been developed by Chris and Rich over 12 years, and are delivered to the highest educational standards. There is a focus on learning through action, shared group feedback, and positive development of ideas, interests and skills throughout the process.


Mountain Bike Leader (MBL)

2 days training
1 day assessment

The biking:
Every day, plus classroom sessions
Fully guided
Fitness grade 3
Skill grade C
Group size 4-8 training
Group size 3-4 assessment

(Trip grades explained)

What's included:
Professional instruction from an experienced MBLA Tutor
Training room facilities
Post-course video review

Training Course Dates:   

MBL Training - discontinued Click below for the New 2015 British Cycling Level 2


BC training new for 2015