British Mountain Bike Leadership Award Level 2 

British Cycling Level 2

1 day assessment

2 days training

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Trailside repairs

Core mountain bike techniques

British Cycling Level 2 - copy - copy - copy - copy

Mountain Bike Leadership Award

British Cycling Level 2

British Cycling Level 2 - copy

Guidance in registrations and insurance

Professional instruction

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Map reading and navigation

Leading techniques

British Cycling Level 2 Mountain Bike Leadership Award

British Cycling’s Level 2 Mountain Bike Leadership Award is the entry-point qualification for anyone with experience in mountain biking who is working or looking to work in the outdoor leadership or education sector.

It is also a useful course for people who simply have a personal interest in gaining all the information needed to go out on their mountain bike, be safe and have fun.

This two-day course, followed by a one-day assessment, covers a whole range of skills from bike navigation to trailside repairs and basic skills sessions.

British Mountain Bike Leadership Award Level 2 course Itinerary course Itinerary

British Mountain Bike Leadership Award
Level 2

British Cycling - CycleActive

Training Course Content

  1. Route Planning and Navigation
  2. Trailside Repairs
  3. MTB Group Leadership
  4. Risk Management
  5. Managing Accidents and Emergencies
  6. Delivering Mountain Bike Rides
  7. Mountain Bike Techniques
  8. Nutrition and Hydration
  9. Environmental and Social Aspects
  10. Clothing and Equipment
  11. And much more.....



Training - 2 Day



Assessment - 1 Day

The Lake District Level 2

Our training courses are run from the CycleActive centre at Brougham Hall in Penrith and our assessment courses are run from Ambleside in the heart of the Lakes. This gives you access to great local trails, carefully organised teaching areas and a good range of accommodation choices nearby too.

Further details of the BC Level 2 course dates, syllabus, pre-entry requirements and other useful facts can be found below.


Ambleside Location on Google Maps

1. Lake District - Brougham Hall

Training: 2 Days

Ambleside Location on Google Maps

2. The Lake District - Ambleside

Assessment: 1 Day

If you want to talk through your suitability for this course before applying, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your questions or concerns.

British Cycling Levels 1 to 3

Which Level is correct for my needs?

Level 1 - is "site specific" and designed for organisations such as Outdoor Activity Centres.

Not required for 95% of learners.

Level 2 - enables experienced mountain bikers to safely guide riders through mountainous terrain and provide them with a great day out.

The entry point on the British Cycling pathway for most new learners.

Level 3 - is aimed at qualified mountain bike leaders, who wish to extend their remit to include remote terrain and trails of severe technical difficulty.

Cannot be undertaken without a Level 2 qualification

British Mountain Bike Leadership Award Level 2 - Dates
Training Level -2


per person


26 - 27 September - Mon & Tues

2 places left

10 - 11 October - Mon & Tues

08 - 09 November - Tues & Wed

07 - 08 December - Wed & Thur


23 - 24 January - Mon & Tue

22 - 23 February - Wed & Thurs

22 - 23 March - Wed & Thurs

24 - 25 April - Mon & Tue

22 - 23 May - Mon & Tue

19 - 20 June - Mon & Tue

24 - 25 July - Mon & Tue

04 - 05 September - Mon & Tue

16 - 17 October - Mon & Tue

06 - 07 November - Mon & Tue

04 - 05 December - Mon & Tue

Assessment - Level 2


per person


12 October - Wednesday

1 place left

10 November - Thursday

09 December - Friday


25 January - Wednesday

24 February - Friday

25 March - Friday

26 April - Wednesday

27 May - Wednesday

28 June - Wednesday

29 July - Wednesday

06 September - Wednesday

18 October - Wednesday

08 November - Wednesday

06 December - Wednesday

Award Overview

A British Mountain Bike Level 2

Leaders can:

  1. Plan and deliver guided mountain bike rides
  2. Lead groups on a 1:8 ratio
  3. Lead during daylight hours
  4. Dynamically risk assess routes
  5. Take groups off road - Bridleways in England and Wales (Tracks and paths in Scotland)
  6. Carry out trail-side repairs
  7. Assess riding abilities in the essential techniques

Recommended Consolidation

Between 6 weeks and 18 months between training and assessment.

The consolidation stage should provide enough opportunity to practice and refine your leadership skills whilst not being long enough for your knowledge of the key skills and requirements of the Level 2 Award to fade.

British Mountain Bike Leadership Award Level 2 s Courses Options & Hire Bike


2 days training: 09:00 - 18:00
1 day assessment: 09:00 - 18:00

The biking

Cycling every day, plus classroom sessions
Fitness grade 2
Skill grade B
Group size 4-6 training
Group size 3-4 assessment

Hire Bikes

Includes - Kit bag with pump, inner tube and multi-tool

Full suspension bike rental

2 days training - £82.50
1 day assessment - £55

Trek Fuel EX7
(Or similar)

Electric bike rental

Helmet rental: £5

To find out more about our British Mountain Bike Leadership Award Level 2 mountain bike course, please feel free to call our course tutors and chat through your questions in person, or email us.

British Cycling Prerequisites
BC Level 2 Mountain Bike Leadership Award Prerequisites

BC Level 2 Mountain Bike Leadership Award Prerequisites

To attend the training you will need to:

  1. Be at least 18 years old.
  2. Have mountain biking experience in a variety of terrain and weather conditions.
  3. Be competent in the techniques and skills required to safely negotiate the typical trail features encountered at this level of award (as a general guide this is comparable to blue / red graded purpose built trails).
  4. Have an appropriate level of physical fitness for a day’s riding in the level 2 leading environment
  5. You will need to provide us with logbook evidence of having undertaken a minimum number of rides in the appropriate terrain within the last 6-12 months. An e-logbook will be sent to you prior to training.
  6. (Preferable) To hold a current two-day outdoor First Aid certificate issued by an HSE registered provider (this can be handed in at a later date, but must be submitted before assessment)

To attend the training you will need to:

When you have reserved your space on one of our courses you need to register with British Cycling’s MTB Leadership Programme at a one-off cost of £120. They provide you with the training manual, log book, free Ride Membership valid for one year and your log in details for the online learning programme NSPCC Child Protection Awareness in Sport and Active Leisure which you need to complete as part of your pre-course work.


Practical assessment

The practical assessment consists of an all-day mountain bike journey during which each candidate will be assigned to lead a section of the assessment route of up to 7km working with a ratio of 1:4. You will be expected to deliver a flowing journey whilst demonstrating good leadership and navigational skills.

The assessment procedure is informal and is designed to help you develop your skills as a mountain bike leader. The group you lead can consist of other riders who are also being assessed on the same day and/ or riders who are there, simply to fulfil the role as participants on the ride.

Written assignment

The written assignment is an open book home study task and comprises of a range of short answer questions. This task is based on the information included in the British Cycling Level 2 Mountain Bike Leadership Handbook and other resources provided on the course.

Once payment has been received for your assessment place, the assessment questionnaire will be sent to you via e-mail (paper copies are available upon request) and should be returned to your course provider no later than seven days prior to your practical assessment date. Please ensure you allow plenty of time to complete and return the questionnaire before your assessment day.