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8 Days
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Mountain Bike / Hybrid
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Cuba - City Coast Country - 8 days    Full Itinerary 

The Cycling - Introduction 
Usual daily distances: 35km to 78km

Days of cycling: 5
Terrain: Quiet backroads with some short sections on dirt tracks and easy trails. There are hills and rolling countryside on this tour so a reasonable basic level of fitness is recommended.
Support vehicle: 100%
Tour staff: 1 cycle guides (English speaking), 1 driver and a mechanic on day 2 for bike set up.

US Citizens
Contact us before booking online if you are a US Citizen.  Contact Us
Local Expert Guides & Vehicle Support 
This holiday has an expert local guide, with a second member of the tour team acting as the support vehicle driver and assistant bike mechanic. 
International Partners:
CycleActive is proud to be a part of the worldwide cycling community, exploring the globe from the comfort of our saddles. Our trips help to bring fellow pedal propelled adventurer’s together, as this tour is run in conjunction with international partners. Led by an English-speaking local guide, we band together to collectively share these incredible cycling experiences!
Cuba 8 days map
If you want to find out more about the cycling, the guiding or anything else about Cuba – please just give us a call.  Our office team is always ready to help with enquiries. 
Contact us to find out more or reserve your space:
Email: [email protected]
Call: + 44 (0)1768 840400
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1. Cuba
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Day 1 - Arrival
Saturday Overview: 
Fly directly into Cuba’s capital, Havana, where we’ll transfer to our hotel for a relaxing evening, and prepare for the exciting cycling adventure ahead!
Accommodation:     Havana   Hotel Memories Miramar
Meals Included:   None    
Cycling:   0 miles     0km 
If you are flying to Cuba from the UK or mainland Europe, flights generally leave in the morning and, with the 5 hour time difference, arrive late afternoon into Havana’s José Martí International Airport. One of our local guides will greet you with a warm welcome upon your arrival in Cuba’s culture-filled capital. We’ll then take a short transfer over to our hotel, where you can get settled, relax and possibly even take a dip in its luxurious infinity pool.
Prepare for the adventure filled ride ahead of you around the largest island in The Caribbean, and celebrate our first night in enchanting Havana- there’s a lot to discover!


1. Cuba
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Day 2 - Panoramic Havana
Sunday Overview: 
We venture straight into the heart of Havana; from opulent Miramar, to the Parque Metropolitano, past the Plaza de la Revolucion, Capitolo Building, Regal Prado Promenade and the Plaza de las Armas before setting along the romantic Malecon. Today hosts a true panoramic view of Cuba’s cultural capital.
Accommodation:      Havana    Hotel Memories Miramar
Meals Included:   Breakfast, Lunch    
Cycling:    22 miles   35km
Ascent:    683ft   208m
Descent:    685ft   209m
We’ll start bright and early for our first day cycling around this beautiful island. One of our experienced mechanics will take care of the perpetration of your bike, whilst we have a delicious breakfast. Once they’re ready, we’ll hop onto our bikes and pedal straight into the heart of Havana, for a panoramic tour of the city.
We will venture into opulent Miramar, home to foreign diplomats and some of the city’s most illustrious 20th century architecture. Before passing through the ‘Green Lung’ of Havana, the stunningly picturesque Parque Metropolitano, before we take a brief rest and a refreshing drink at Plaza de la Revolucion; the historic home of Castro’s regime.
Pedalling on, we wheel through young and vibrant Vedado, and past the famous Hotel Nacional; an old haunt of Winston Churchill’s. Our local guide will help us navigate through the bustling city centre, up towards the famous Capitolio building- which poses as a mirror-image of Washington’s Capitol Building. Veering left we cycle down the culturally bright Regal Prado Promenade, before turning right past Havana’s old train station, which now poses as an artisan market.
We’ll then follow the ruins of the old city walls until we reach our end cycling destination, the Plaza de las Armas. Here we’ll take off on foot, to find a local restaurant that has both the perfect view of the beautifully renovated colonial plaza, and also some exceptionally tasty food!
After eating, we’re back on our bikes and pedalling towards our hotel along Havana’s romantic Malecon; a historical sea-wall that follows the city’s entire coastline. Upon reaching the hotel we’ll have the rest of the Caribbean evening at our disposal.


1. Cuba
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Day 3 - Las Terrazas the Eco Community
Monday Overview: 
Cycling westwards from Havana we explore the coastline of Pinar del Rio Province, before heading into the lush, tropical landscapes of the Sierra del Rosario mountains and the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Las Terrazas.
Accommodation:     Las Terrazas    Hotel La Moka or Villa Doroa
Meals Included:   Breakfast, Lunch    
Cycling:   47 miles   75km
Ascent:   1902ft   580m
Descent:   1368ft   417m
Today we leave the busy streets, energy and vibrant colour of Havana life behind us, as we travel into the lush tropical landscapes of Western Cuba. After a hearty breakfast, we pedal along quiet roads through the serene Pinar del Rio Province. We’ll follow the coast along to the quaint coastal town of Mariel, whose port is renowned for being the closest in Cuba to the USA, and the famous launch point for the “Mariel Boatlift” when 125,000 Cubans left for the US in 1980.
We then turn inland and cycle through winding countryside towards the Sierra del Rosario mountain range. These spectacular mountains are a part of the Guamuhaya range, that stretches along Cuba’s western provinces, and will provide a fantastic tropical background to the next few days of cycling.
You’ll have time to admire the surroundings as we take a break for lunch, relaxing in the shade of palm trees as we kick back and enjoy a well earned picnic. Refuelled and re-energized we continue, to the Las Terrazas Biosphere Reserve; an area rich in natural beauty, where terraces of protected tropical forest climb the mountains, punctuated by rivers and waterfalls. If you’re up for some more cycling you can pedal the rest of the 8k to tonight’s hotel, or you can take a seat in our vehicle and ride straight to the Baños del Rio San Juan- local natural spring pools.
Enjoy this evening at your own leisure, and relax in the beautiful reserve.


1. Cuba
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Day 4 - The Skyline road to Vinales
Tuesday Overview: 
Continuing westwards we pedal along the Skyline Road of Cuba, with views to the coasts both north and south, on our way to the dramatic limestone karst scenery of the Vinales Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Accommodation    Vinales    Casas Particulares
Meals Included:   Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner    
Cycling:   48 miles   78km 
Ascent:   4376ft   1334m
Descent:   4740ft   1445m
The cool of the early morning, as the mist retreats from the highest palm trees on the skyline, is a perfect time to enjoy breakfast on the terrace as we prepare for our next cycle ride through Las Terrazas. We’ll have a peaceful 20km cycle through the Biosphere, before we take our next adventure, uphill and onto the Guaniguanicio Skyline Road.
The ascent to the skyline road may present one of the biggest cycling challenges of the trip as we wind our way upwards, but its reward is most certainly worth it! The Guaniguanicio hills form the spine of Western Cuba, stretching from our start point in Las Terrazas to our finish point in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Vinales Valley. This ride offers some of the most spectacular views across the island- on a clear day you can see the Gulf of Batabano to the south, and the Straits of Florida to the North.
With our full vehicle support and expert guide leading the way, you can claim the reward of this fabulous cycle ride at your own pace: jumping onto our support vehicle, resting your legs and admiring the stunning scenery.
This full-day adventure comes to an exciting end as we blast back down to the northern coast road, leaving Skyline behind us. This road is an eclectic highway host to vintage American cars from the 1950s, oxen-pulled carts, and local farmers getting about on their horses! We’ll cycle on until we reach San Diago de los Baños, where we will relax and enjoy a well-deserved drink, before taking an hour and a half transfer to Viñales. This is one of the most majestic landscapes in all of Cuba, UNESCO protected, and home to a wide array of endemic plant and animal species.
The accommodation this evening gives us a taste of local life, and also local cuisine, by staying in small houses or ‘casa particulares’. Here, your hosts prepare you a delicious home cooked meal. Viñales is not just a quiet town in stunning scenery: the town itself is also rich in culture, and you’ll be able to catch some live music at one of its venues, and dance the night away.


1. Cuba
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Day 5 - Cayo Jutias
Wednesday Overview: 
Pedalling west through rustic roads we reach Cayo Jutias, a secluded island getaway in the Jardines del Rey archipelago. With its white beach sands and thick and luscious mangrove forest, the island provides a perfect setting for tropical adventures and relaxing beach cycling.
Accommodation:     Vinales     Casas Particulares 
Meals Included:   Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner    
Cycling:   35 miles   56km
Ascent:   1738ft   530m
  2194ft   669m
We’ll wake to beautiful blue skies and a delicious homecooked breakfast, before we start today’s coastal journey. Pedalling west we’ll travel along local farm roads that outline the beautiful mosaic of crops that grow within Viñales’ rich farmland; from zesty oranges to ripening bananas.
The rustic road will seemingly lead us along to Cayo Jutias, a secluded island getaway in the Jardines del Rey archipelago (Gardens of the King). The 3km white sand beach gained its name from its indigenous tree rats that live in the thick mangrove forest that lines the area, which is also a natural habitat for Cuban Flamingos!
Here we will take a break for lunch and make the most of Cayo Jutias’ stunning surroundings. You can bask in the idyllic turquoise shores, relax on top of the warm white sand or take an adventure (For a small fee) underwater on a scuba diving or snorkelling trip. If you fancy hopping back onto the saddle we’ll take a different route around the island, discovering more of its rich biodiversity, on route back to Viñales. Or you can catch the transfer back, spending more time in the secluded tropical splendour.
Tonight, we’ll be treated to an organic Creole feast at Finca Wilfredo. We eat as the sun sets over the Cuban farm, the hearty flavours of the traditional cuisine providing a perfect end to a picture perfect day.


1. Cuba
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Day 6 - Mogotes
Thursday Overview: 

We pedal through the UNESCO World Heritage Site, discovering more about the valley’s geography and industry. We’ll stop for an insightful tour of one it’s world-renowned tobacco farms, before heading back toward the vibrant noise of Cuba.

Accommodation:     Havana     Casas Particulares
Meals Included:   Breakfast, Lunch    
Cycling:    26 miles   41km
Ascent:   1446ft   441m
Descent:   1446ft   441m
After a refreshing sleep and a tasty breakfast, we’ll saddle up, ready for our circular route around Viñales. The circular route beautifully transgresses through the UNESCO World Heritage Site. We’ll cycle in amongst luscious green farmland, that is surrounded by the areas unique and distinct mogotes formations, that are only found in Cuba! The route offers us an intimate experience with the Jurassic landscape, as we pedal through the geography of local industries that populate the area.
Some of Cuba’s prize tobacco farms are located in the Viñales valley; producing world renowned crops, that the locals well tell you are unbeatable! We’ll get to see for ourselves as we take a break from the saddle, to stop at one of the farms and learn a bit more about what goes into farming tobacco. From growth, to harvest and then curing; where the plant is given its distinct flavouring.
After sitting down for an atmospheric lunch, we’ll head back towards the sweet song of Havana. Tonight, we’ll be hosted in a selection of casa particulares, settled within the heart of the city. Enjoying the Caribbean evening as though we are locals.


1. Cuba
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Day 7 - Havana
Friday Overview: 
Today is yours for the taking, as we have a free day in Havana. Whether you decide to explore the city’s culture, history, food, music and architecture… or if you even just decide to congratulate your cycling achievements to a toast of mojitos, make sure you make your free day in Havana your own.
Accommodation:     Havana    Casas Particulares
Meals Included   Breakfast    
Cycling:    0 miles   0km
‘Hoy, la Habana es tu ostra’- Today Havana is your oyster, as you can explore the sights and sounds of the city as you wish. You could traverse around the historic grey paved streets of Old Havana; the baroque and neoclassic architecture illuminated in colour by the areas bright pastel aesthetic.
Why not release your inner art fan within Fusterlanidia: a neighbourhood turned art project of José Fuster, one of Cuba’s most celebrated artists. A kaleidoscope of bright colour and Gaudiesque mosaic, it’s definitely a creative palace to get lost within. Or treat your literary self to a tour of Ernst Hemmingway’s abode. The Museo Hemmingway offers a glimpse of the iconic authors home, where he penned For Whom The Bell Tolls amongst other classics.
Or if you desire a relaxing break from the cycling, why not sit back and treat yourself to a freshly roasted cup of Cuban coffee or even a cheeky mojito made with the finest Cuban rum. And later explore Havana in the moonlight, grooving to its world famous live music or by catching a stunning cabaret show.


1. Cuba
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Day 8 - Havana then home
Saturday Overview: 
We make the most of our last day, venturing through Old Havana in the morning before departing to the airport for a safe flight home.
Meals Included:     Breakfast       
Cycling:   0 miles    0km   
Today sadly brings us to the end of our marvellous cycling adventure around the beautiful Caribbean island of Cuba. 
As a final goodbye, we’ll spend the morning exploring Old Havana, with an informative walking tour around its historical centre, leaving you with some expert knowledge to bring back home and impress friends with.
After a brief transfer back to Havana Airport, we’ll wish you a safe flight home and hope to see you back soon.
¡Hasta luego!

Cuba 8 day Package holiday



per person

£300 deposit with the final balance due 60 days before the tour date



8 days Saturday to Saturday

The biking

5 days fully guided
Expert local cycle guide
Fitness grade 1 - 3

Skill grade A
Tour Group size 4 - 18

  1. 7 nights accommodation
  2. 3 nights in hotels
  3. 4 nights in casas particulares
  4. Expert local guide for all rides
  5. English speaking staff
  6. All breakfasts, 5x lunches, 2x dinners
  7. 5 biking days
  8. Bike hire
  9. Vehicle support and driver (Fully Supported)
  10. Airport transfers (from specific flights)

Frequently Asked Questions

Payments & COVID19

Travel Insurance - £80.49

With extensive COVID-19 cover

Entry requirements

Entry requirements ~ COVID-19

Updated: 17 May 2022

Arriving in Cuba

Open to tourism

1. Passenger Locator Form

Complete online before travel

Cuba 8 days Dates
Trip Dates


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11 - 18 June

Tour Price £999

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16 - 23 July

Tour Price £1099

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13 - 20 August

Tour Price £1099

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22 - 29 October

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12 - 19 November

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24 - 31 December

Tour Price £1099


One stop flights are the preferred choice, which means you can fly from your local airport to either Paris, Amsterdam or Madrid before joining your connecting flight to Havana.
Flight duration is between 12 - 16 hours from the UK.

Click on the SkyScanner airplane icon next to the trip date to see the most up to date flight prices. Flights are only available to purchase 12 months in advance.


Tour Guidebook and Packing Advice
On booking you will be sent detailed information on a wide range of topics including health advice, recommended clothing, money, visas and so on, to help you prepare for your holiday. If you have questions on these topics either now or after you have read this information, please contact us.

Geography & Climate
Cuba is a tropical island in the Northern hemisphere. It is 1250km long and covered with a variety of mountains, jungles, forests, rich farmland and golden beaches. Cuba has a warm and dry season from November to April, with average daily temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees. May to October is the rainy season, which is hotter and also prone to hurricanes.

Cycling Terrain
This tour explores Cuba on its back roads, which are almost traffic free and ideal for cycling. Some are in good condition, some are potholed and slightly rougher. There are also options to cycle on well maintained dirt roads or rougher tracks in a few locations. A touring bike, hybrid or mountain bike would all be suitable for this tour and the bike we provide for you, if you choose to rent from us, will be a mountain bike with slimmer, easy rolling touring tyres.

Accommodation & Food
The accommodation comprises of 4 nights in hotels and 4 nights in casas particulares. We visit many local cafes, restaurants and bars so you get a full flavour of local culture and cuisine. For meals not included there are many places to eat with prices ranging from £5-£6 in a decent café up to £15 or £20 in a very good restaurant (depending on the food you order), with drinks costing approximately £1.50 to £2.00 for water, beer and cocktails (rum is cheap, so a mojito won’t cost much more than a bottle of water!)

Cycle Rental (Included)
We can provide high quality, well maintained rental bikes in Cuba for this tour. These will be mountain bikes from Trek, fitted with slimmer, faster rolling tyres to allow them to run more quickly and easily on the backroads. The bikes are provided in the country, and will be ready for you when you arrive. Our tour leaders can help willth cycle mechanics and setup so will ensure that your bike is correctly adjusted for you. This extra care has made a big difference to many clients over the years – ensuring that they remain comfortable on the bike and get the most out of their cycling.

Passports’ & Visas
A full passport with a Cuban tourist card is required for entry in to Cuba, by UK citizens. The tourist card is obtained by sending copies of travel documents and a fee of £15 to the Cuban Embassy in London. The turnaround is very quick – usually the tourist card is sent back to you within 1 or 2 days. You can also get tourist cards issued by visiting the Embassy in person. Full details and a link to the application form are included in the  emails that we send to you on booking.

Flight Options
This trip is timed to fit with the most popular flights to Cuba – on Virgin Airlines, KLM etc. We provide our tours at a flight exclusive price to allow you to select your own travel arrangements, if you prefer. However, we do work in partnership with a flight agent who has taken care of our clients for over 18 years, and is an expert at ensuring that cycles travel with you smoothly (if you want to take your own). If you book your own flights you should arrive in Havana on either day 1 or day 2 of the tour – full hotel details and directions will be provided. The tour ends on day 8 in Havana.

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