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3 Riding Days
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Road / Hybrid / Mountain Bike
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2 - 3
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Self Guided
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    Duration - 3 Riding Days
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    Fitness Grade - 2 - 3
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    Suitable Bike - Road / Hybrid / MTB
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    Skills Grade - A
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The Hadrian's Wall Coast to Coast Full Itinerary 


The Cycling - Introduction

Experience the feeling of achievement as you cycle right across the UK on this superb alternative to the main Coast to Coast cycle route. The Hadrian’s Wall C2C cycle ride is set to become a classic, taking a lower level but longer route from Whitehaven to Tynemouth. Total ride length is 151miles.

The Hadrian’s Wall C2C route is a fantastic way to cross Britain on a 3-day, fully signed and waymarked cycle journey. The hills are more rolling and slightly less demanding than the main C2C route, but the scenery is just as impressive, the historic interest is there too, and fit riders do have extra ride options open to them.


  • 3-day journey makes a perfect long weekend
  • Housesteads Vercovicivm (Roman Fort)
  • Bag transfers so you can cycle light
  • Lovely accommodation and good food
  • Well planned – so you focus on cycling

Usual daily distances:  63miles,  45miles,  43miles or 101km, 72km, 69km
Total height gain: 7821ft or 2384m

Hadrian's C2C map
Our Hadrian's Wall C2C & C2C Credentials

CycleActive has been running C2C holidays since 2000 and with our office based almost exactly in the middle of the route we think we know it better than anyone else. Our strong connections with local guesthouses means you get the best places to stay, best service and great food throughout your holiday. Our experience as a tour operator means everything runs smoothly, from start to finish, so you can relax and enjoy the journey.

If you want to find out more about the cycling, the route or anything else about the Hadrian's Cycleway C2C please just give us a call and speak to one of our team.

Contact us to find out more or reserve your space:
Email: [email protected]
Call: + 44 (0)1768 840400

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Day 1 - Arrival in Penrith 
Thursday Evening
Your trip begins on Thursday evening when you arrive at our chosen guesthouse in Penrith. Once you’ve checked in and received our rider pack you're free to try any of the numerous bars, cafes and restaurants in this bustling market town. With the guesthouse just a 2-minute walk from the centre, and 5 minutes from the station, you're perfectly located to enjoy your stay here. If you came by car then we recommend leaving it in the long stay car park as you won't need it again until you head home (Fees apply).
"Friday Evening on a Bank Holiday"
Accommodation      B&B      
Meals Included:   None    
Cycling   0 miles    0km


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Day 2 - The Solway Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty 
After a breakfast of freshly cooked Cumbrian produce, you and your bike will be transported out to the start point of the Hadrian’s Wall C2C in Whitehaven, on the Irish Sea Coast. With your detailed map of the route, the benefit of good signing and advice from our expert staff, you should be fully equipped for the first leg of the journey. This first day of the Hadrian’s Wall C2C takes you north up the very impressive coastline of Cumbria and into the Solway coast area of outstanding natural beauty. The Solway Coast has an abundance of natural landscapes and is renowned for its spectacular sunsets. You'll also encounter a great number of traditional villages, as well as the focal town for this area - Silloth - which has a great selection of cafes for lunchtime.
Today's ride ends in the district of Carlisle, giving you the chance to sample more great Cumbrian food.

"Saturday on a Bank Holiday" 

Accommodation    B&B    
Meals Included:     Breakfast     
Cycling:   63 miles     101km 
Ascent:   2404ft   733m
Descent:   2349ft   716m


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Day 3 - Frontiers of the Roman Empire 
Another big breakfast sees you on the road, this time turning inland towards the goal of today, Northumberland's National Park. From the offset, you follow the course of Hadrian’s Wall as you leave the border city of Carlisle. The Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site was inscribed by UNESCO as the most complex and best-preserved of the frontiers of the Roman Empire and today you can fully appreciate these attributes on your ride through Hadrian’s Wall Country.
The scenery takes a dramatic change now, as the flatter areas of Cumbria become hillier as we ride through the valleys of the North Pennines and advance upon Haydon Bridge for our evenings stay. Your bags are once again moved on in front of you ready for your arrival. We keep the distance a little lower today to account for the visitor opening times at “Housesteads Vercovicium (Roman Fort)”. You’ll find the fort 8 miles on from Haltwhistle just off the route.
Entrance to the Fort is approximately £7 per adult.
The opening times are 10:00 - 18:00 (25 March - 30 September)

"Sunday on a Bank Holiday" 

Accommodation:       B&B      
Meals Included:   Breakfast     
Cycling:   45 miles   72km
Ascent:   3385ft   1032m
Descent:   3228ft   984m


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Day 4 - Haltwhistle – Tynemouth
The final leg of the journey takes you through the last of the Northumberland National Park. Soon the North Sea comes into view. You wind down through the quiet villages towards the outskirts of Newcastle, where a network of carefully planned tracks and trails ensure that you stay away from any major roads as you follow the Tyne into the city. This is a superb ride in itself – passing along the bustling waterfront where the famous Millennium Bridge, Baltic Gallery and The Sage are all located. 
CycleActive finishes the Hadrian's C2C route at Tynemouth castle and priory, looking out across the harbour and into the North Sea.  If you arrive in good time, you may want to take the ferry en-route to South Shields and view the Arbeia Roman Fort before returning to North Shield via the same ferry.  We recommend an early breakfast and a brisk start, as the Arbeia Roman Fort with crossings can add 2 hours to the ride.
North Shields - Tynemouth castle and priory are where you'll find our driver, waiting at 15:00 in the "Spanish Battery car park" to bring you, your bags and bikes back to Penrith.  Congratulations are now in order, as you celebrate the success of your journey across Britain and return to Penrith for 18:15.

"Monday on a Bank Holiday"

Accommodation:    None      
Meals Included     Breakfast    
Cycling:   43 miles   69km
Ascent:   2030ft   619m
Descent:   2214ft   675m


The Hadrian's Wall C2C bike ride Price


per person

  1. 3 Days of daily baggage transfers
  2. Transfers to Whitehaven from Penrith
  3. Transfers from Tynemouth finish to Penrith
  4. Phone support
  5. Available on the scheduled dates
  6. Full payment required

Wanting to book your own accommodation in Penrith, Carlisle and Haydon Bridge? Then this is the package for you.
Contact us for details



per person

  1. 3 nights B&B accommodation
  2. Rider & bike transfer
  3. Daily baggage transfers
  4. Emergency mechanical breakdown support
  5. CycleActive water bottle with Veloforte energy product
  6. Pre travel packs
  7. Available on the scheduled dates
  8. £150 deposit with the final balance due 30 days before the tour date


per person

  1. Official Sustrans route map
  2. Veloforte Energy Pack - 19 items
  3. 7 x All-natural Energy Bars,
  4. 3 x Hydration Electrolyte Mixes
  5. 4 x Natural Energy Gels
  6. 3 x Soft Chews
  7. 2 x Recovery shakes
  8. CycleActive water bottles - 2 items
  9. Friday, Saturday and Sunday pre-paid car Parking, at pick-up / drop off location.
  10. 3 nights B&B accommodation
  11. Rider & bike transfer
  12. Daily baggage transfers
  13. Emergency mechanical breakdown support
  14. Pre travel packs
  15. Available on the scheduled dates
  16. £150 deposit with the final balance due 30 days before the tour date

Frequently Asked Questions

Payments & COVID19

Travel Insurance - £19.00

With extensive COVID-19 cover

HC2C Dates
2023 Trip Dates


All 2023 dates have availability (Unless stated)

13 – 16 April

Thursday Evening - Sunday

28 April – 1 May

Bank Holiday Friday Evening - Monday

04 – 07 May

Thursday Evening - Sunday

11 – 14 May

Thursday Evening - Sunday

26 – 29 May

Bank Holiday Friday Evening - Monday

01 – 04 June

Thursday Evening - Sunday

08 – 11 June

Thursday Evening - Sunday

15 – 18 June

Thursday Evening - Sunday

22 – 25 June

Thursday Evening - Sunday

29 June – 02 July

Thursday Evening - Sunday

06 – 09 July

Thursday Evening - Sunday

20 – 23 July

Thursday Evening - Sunday

27 – 30 July

Thursday Evening - Sunday

03 – 06 August

Thursday Evening - Sunday

10 – 13 August

Thursday Evening - Sunday

25 – 28 August

Bank Holiday Friday Evening - Monday

31 August – 03 September

Thursday Evening - Sunday

07 – 10 September

Thursday Evening - Sunday

21 – 24 September

Thursday Evening - Sunday

28 September – 01 October

Thursday Evening - Sunday

19 – 22 October

Thursday Evening - Sunday

Gold Pack


Veloforte Energy Pack - 19 items


In the Pack you get 7 x all-natural Energy Bars, 3 x Real Hydration Electrolyte Mixes, 4 x Natural Energy Gels, 3 x Soft Chews & 2 x brand new & break-through Recovery shakes


A Coast to Coast paper map

Pre-paid car Parking, at pick-up / drop off location.

Emergency mechanical breakdown support

CycleActive water bottles - 2 items

3 nights B&B accommodation

Daily baggage transfers

Rider & bike transfer

Pre travel packs


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Click Here for directions

Post Code: CA11 7YB


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Train Station: Penrith

Walk 0.3 miles (6 mins)

Choosing the Right Holiday
At CycleActive we carefully grade our trips according to both the level of fitness you need and, for mountain biking, the level of skill you need. We also offer personal advice to anyone who needs it, by email or on the phone, to ensure that you find a holiday suitable for your abilities and desires.
Fitness grade 2-3. This means you need to be a moderately fit cyclist as the Hadrian's C2C does involve three full days of cycling over hilly terrain. You can take your time as this tour is not guided, so you don’t have to stay at the pace of others, but you do need reasonable stamina. 
Skill grade A-B. The main C2C route follows backroads and well graded tracks so you do not need experience at off-road riding to be able to enjoy it. 
Geography & Climate
This is a ride through varied terrain and at different times of the year, it can be very warm or very cold. We recommend that you travel with a good variety of cycle clothing to allow for the range of temperatures. A full kit list will be sent to you on booking.
Accommodation & Food 
We have made this tour as comfortable as possible so you can enjoy a good place to finish each night, with a hot shower and tasty food. All guesthouses have been carefully selected by us and offer a very high level of service to all of our clients.
Cycling Support
This trip is unsupported and unguided so once you head out on your cycling days you are responsible for your own safety and your own journey from point to point. The route is well signed and there is a detailed map produced by Sustrans specifically for the route, so finding your way should not be a problem. We do give you contact details for our staff and the guesthouses, which you can use in an emergency, but extra transfers to collect you or drop you off may incur additional costs.
Cycle Rental
If you want to use your own bike we recommend either a road bike, mountain bike, a hybrid bike or a sturdy touring road bike. If you want to rent a bike please contact us to discuss your needs and we will reserve a bike for you. We use current model Trek mountain bikes, in excellent condition and fitted with fast rolling on/off road suitable tyres.

Clothing and Equipment
On booking, a detailed list of useful and essential items will be sent to you. You must bring your own cycle helmet that must be worn for all cycle rides. All clothing and equipment must be packed in one small to medium-sized bag, either a soft holdall or soft rucksack. This is the maximum luggage allowed as all bags are carried in a minivan across the route and space is limited.

Pre-Travel Information
When you book a more detailed pre-travel pack will be sent to you with information on what to bring, where to go, which maps to buy and so on.
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