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Morocco Itinerary Introduction

The Mountain Biking - Introduction

Travel deep into the Atlas Mountains on remote trails known only to our local, experienced mountain bike leaders. Stunning singletrack, challenging terrain, beautiful scenery and seldom-visited villages, that’s what this holiday is all about. You’ll also spend each night in a comfortable hotel or delightful French-Moroccan guesthouse, sampling wonderful food and enjoying the very best Moroccan hospitality. This is Moroccan "All mountain" biking at its very best.


- Miles and miles of amazing singletrack
- 4x4 support for uplifts and bag transfers
- Minimum drive time, maximum ride time
- 2 professional mountain bike guides
- French Moroccan guesthouse / hotel Accommodation

Morocco High Atlas Singletrack

Usual daily distances:

32 - 45km

20 - 28 miles

Morocco map