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Mountain Bike Coaching
Mountain bike skills course Cannock Chase
Mountain bike skills course The Lake District
MTB Course Beginner
Get Started mountain bike course
1 Get Started

Vision control

Singletrack skills

2 Get Started

Steep becomes attainable

Cone of movement

3 Get Started

Line and grip

Vision Control

4 Get Started

Scheduled dates ~ Bespoke group events

Individuals ~ Friends ~ Groups

5 Get Started

Maximum grip

Weight shift conering

6 Get Started

Maintaining balance

Descending body positions

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Mountain Bike Coaching

The Lake District and Cannock Chase - (The Midlands)

Have you just started your Mountain Bike journey and are looking to learn the core skills needed to travel safely around your local MTB trails? Our beginners Get Started mountain bike course, is aimed at riders that are comfortable on a bike, but are new to the experiences of off-road riding.

This 1 day course teaches you the right skills in the right way, so you can eliminate the trial and error approach that most take when learning how to mountain bike.