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Private Skills Instruction Title
Private Mountain Bike Course
Private mountain bike coaching
1 to 1 Mountain Bike Coaching
Private mountain bike coaching
Mountain bike skills course The Lake District
Mountain Skills mountain bike course
1 Private Skills Instruction

Jumps and drops

Get more out of your riding

2 Private Skills Instruction

Vision control

Singletrack skills

3 Private Skills Instruction

A few hours of training goes along way

Roll off into drop off

4 Private Skills Instruction

Scheduled dates ~ Bespoke group events

Individuals ~ Friends ~ Groups

5 Private Skills Instruction

Maximum grip

Weight shift conering

6 Private Skills Instruction

Maintaining balance

Descending body positions

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Private Skills Instruction Main introduction text

Mountain Bike Coaching

The Lake District and Cannock Chase - (The Midlands)

Let us design the perfect biking day for you, your group or your family. With expertise in all kinds of mountain biking we can teach youngsters or adults the core skills they need to ride off-road, cover advanced riding in a whole range of terrains or focus on key areas like downhill speed, jumps or drop-offs.


- Best professional instruction in the UK
- We can make you better however good you are !
- Flexible approach with options for all levels
- Bike rental available
- Single or Multi-day packages