Trail Skills - Intermediate - Mountain Bike Course

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1 Day
Duration icon    Duration - 1 Day
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Mountain Bike
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    Suitable Bike - Mountain Bike
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    Fitness Grade - 2
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    Skills Grade - B
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Vision control

Singletrack skills

Maximum grip

Weight shift conering

Line and grip

Vision Control

Steep becomes attainable

Cone of movement

CycleActive Director

Jon Chalmers

CycleActive Director

Rich Barnard

Cycleactive founder

Chris Ford

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Mountain Bike Courses – Trail Skills
These mountain bike skills courses from the UK's leading team of instructors will change your biking dramatically, in just one day. There's a good reason why thousands of mtb enthusiasts have chosen CycleActive for their skills instruction over the last 15 years – we spend more time than any other mountain bike skills training company on research and course development – so we can bring you the latest techniques taught in the most effective way.

Course highlights:

  • Courses designed by our experts
  • Video coaching for on-course reviews
  • Intensive one-day courses with small groups guaranteed

  • Achieve real results with our progressive coaching approach
  • Work with the UK’s leading instructor team

  • Personal feedback – so you keep improving after the course


Each course is carefully designed to give maximum improvement through a series of skills sessions, individual and group feedback then application of those skills to real trail situations. We have perfected this through our years of mtb skills instruction experience. Check out the CV’s of our team so you can get an idea of the level of coaching on offer.

If you mountain bike often but just ride the trails, rather than pushing through every twist and turn, attacking tight lines on technical trails or taking real control on fast descents – this is the course for you. We work on body and foot positioning, vision training, balance, brake control and then get into the detail of high and low speed cornering, loose or rocky terrain, manuals for maintaining speed and possibly other skills (depending on time and group progress).

This is probably the best course you will ever buy to improve your trail centre riding.


The Pump Manual Wheelie in the Lakes by Jon and Rich

Trail Skills Itinerary
  • Manuals
  • Technical climbing
  • Descending techniques
  • Advanced braking
  • Unweighting
  • Vision (line choice)
  • Cornering slow
  • Cornering fast
  • Front wheel lift (wheelie)
  • Rear wheel lift
  • and more ....
Locations include:
  • Ambleside -The Lake District

  • Cannock Chase - The Midlands

  • Swinley Forest - Nr Bracknell (London)

Choosing a day or two-day package:
Many riders like to make a full weekend of their training – especially if you’re traveling to a new location – so we’ve planned some great combinations over full weekends to let you do this. For example, we often run Trail Skills with Jumps and Drops for a full multi-skilled weekend.
Whatever skills you come to us with, from novice off-roader to regular mountain biker or elite racer, our comprehensive range of courses will take you to the next level.
Price (per person)
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Premium Full Suspension Bike rental: £45
Helmet rental: £5
1 day
09:30 - 16:00
Course Grading:
Fitness grade 2
Skill grade B
What’s included:
Professional instruction from an experienced Tutor
Pre-course information
Video feedback
The biking:
1 day, centre based
Fully guided
Course group size 5 - 8
Course Dates:

Swinley Forest
Near Bracknell (London) 
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26 January   Saturday
16 February   Saturday
20 April   Saturday (Bank Holiday)
26 May   Sunday (Bank Holiday)
08 June   Saturday
20 July   Saturday
25 August   Sunday (Bank Holiday)
21 September   Saturday
12 October   Saturday


Cannock Chase 
The Midlands 
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19 January   Saturday
23 February   Saturday
13 April   Saturday
24 April   Monday (Bank Holiday)
05 May   Sunday (Bank Holiday)
01 June   Saturday
06 July   Saturday
03 August   Saturday
28 September   Saturday
26 October   Saturday


The Lake District 
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26 January   Saturday
16 February   Saturday
17 March   Sunday
20 April   Saturday (Bank Holiday)
26 May   Sunday (Bank Holiday)
23 June   Sunday
21 July   Sunday
11 August   Sunday
14 September   Saturday
19 October   Saturday
17 November   Sunday


Private instruction

Private Tuition (any level)

Private coaching can have a huge impact on your biking in a very short space of time. We offer this service throughout the year to small groups and individuals who want to really focus in on their biking skills. Our instructors are the most highly qualified, experienced and widely respected you’ll find, and their focussed attention will bring impressive results in a very short space of time.

Contact us to plan your private day,

or visit the Private Tuition Page.




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