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SC2C Itinerary Introduction

The Cycling - Introduction

This C2C route transects the Scottish borders from Annan in the south-west, up to Scotland’s capital Edinburgh. This route sees you pedal through the farmlands of Dumfriesshire, the thriving market town of Moffat, two challenging climbs on the way to Peebles, the Tweed Valley and then onto the Firth of Forth coastline.

Tour staff:

A CycleActive representative will meet you at the beginning of the tour to answer any question you may have. This member of staff will be overseeing the tour and transferring the bikes and luggage.

The Scottish Coast to Coast

The Scottish Coast to Coast distance and route elevation

Total distances.

Total height gain:

125 miles or 201km

6033ft or 1839m

The Scottish Coast to Coast route map