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Slovenia The Karavanke Alps Singletrack Full Itinerary

The Mountain Biking - Introduction
The Karavanke alps cut right across northern Slovenia, a seldom explored land of beautiful mountains, sleepy villages and amazing mountain bike trails.
This hidden corner of the alps is covered in ancient tracks, walking paths and mule trails. Abandoned and unused for many years these trails grew over and became wild, until the local mountain bikers discovered them, and uncovered some of the finest riding in Europe.

Trail and ride changes
The itinerary shown here is just a sample with ideas of the rides we often take groups on. There are many other routes and the qualified, experienced local guides will decide what works best when you are there. Recently they have opened up many more routes across the mountains, and a cable car is operational on the Austrian side at certain times of the year, so this itinerary is a flavour of what singletrack is on offer.
Usual daily distances: 32 to 48km
Days of cycling: 6
Tour staff: Two guides for all rides (with groups smaller than 9 there will be one guide)
Slovenia map
If you want to find out more about the mountain biking, the guiding or anything else about Slovenia – please just give us a call. Our office team is always ready to help with enquiries.
Contact us to find out more or reserve your space:
Email: [email protected]
Call: + 44 (0)1768 840400


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Day 1 – Arrival
On arrival day we collect you from the airport and take you up into the mountains to our farmhouse. Here you will meet your guides who will help you to put together your bikes before leaving you to freshen up, ready for dinner. After the meal the guides will give you a short briefing on the trip ahead and the plans for the following day.
Meals Included:    Dinner    
Cycling:   0 miles     0Km


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Day 2 - Santa Helena Ridge Ride
Our first day on the bikes starts with a short drive to the hamlet of Mizket on the slopes of Podpetza. With two vehicles and a specially built bike trailer we have everything unloaded in no time then we’re off on a series of climbs and descents on smooth singletrack trails.

These flowing trails take us through seldom explored montane forests where you’re unlikely to see another person. A final fast descent before lunch brings us to the beautiful old church of Santa Helena, situated opposite an old fashioned mountain restaurant where we stop for lunch. Sitting on the terrace, perched on the edge of a great view, we enjoy a meal of traditional smoked meats, cheeses, yoghurts, fresh salads and home made bread.

This afternoon we ride the next ridgeline trail, and it really is a stunner. There are some challenges which you might want to try over again to get them right, but everyone will enjoy this breathtaking start to the week.

Meals Included:    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner     
Cycling:   30 miles   48km 


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Day 3 - Panorama Tour

After the fast-flowing singletrack of yesterday, we now head out for possibly the most amazing scenic journey in this part of The Alps. Again we transfer upwards to cut out some of the leg work, starting our ride at the highest farm in Slovenia.

The biking first brings us around the slopes of Mount Olsheva. It’s exciting in places with high-speed descents on loose tracks. You have to remind yourself to look up now and again to enjoy the views across the ridgelines to little churches perched on the hillsides, or the craggy peaks at the end of the Logarska Valley.

Lunch is taken at a little farm where everything is made on the premises. Once we’re stuffed we can blast down the long descent to the valley floor to ride across a dried riverbed then on to the sweet singletrack of the Logarska Nature trail. This pops us outright in the heart of the valley, amongst cows with jangling bells chewing on alpine pastures. Diving into a café we enjoy some cold beers in the sunshine while bikes are loaded for the drive back.

Meals Included:    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner    
Cycling:   29 miles    46Km 


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Day 4 - The Green Volcano

A short morning transfer, or optional fire road climb, brings us to the eastern edge of the Savinjske Alpe. This unique ridge of mini summits ranging from 1200m-1600m makes for an amazing day of mountain biking as we travel almost its entire length from East to West.

Today’s ride gets us back into ancient woodlands on some fabulous trails. There is singletrack galore with plenty of roots, shoots and thrilling descents to keep everyone interested. We stop for lunch at an impressive viewpoint – a farm where the lime tree is reputed to be over 700 years old, making it the oldest in the country. From here the descent off the ridge takes in some twisting trails which cut down through dense, natural forest and occasionally pops out into open meadows for some cracking views.

Meals Included:    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner      
Cycling:   26 miles   42Km


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Day 5 - Rest Day or Motnik Miners Trail

Today is normally a rest day after 3 good, full days out on the bike. If you want to visit a good local bike shop then this is just 8km down the valley and you can either go on your bike or we can organise a transfer for you (not include, but cheap)

For those who want to get out for a few hours on their bikes, we’ll still be leading a ride for half of the day The route starts with a climb to the village of Motnik, a place that used to be home to hundreds of miners but is now just a tiny hamlet. These miners used to walk around the contours of the mountains to get to Crna and their track is still used today, but now by bikers. It's very narrow and hangs on the edge of the hillside so this isn’t one for the fainthearted. Just before the end, we join up with a fast, rocky descent that fires us out back on the edge of Crna village.

Meals Included:    Breakfast, Lunch    
Cycling:   Optional    Up to 32Km


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Day 6 - Mount Petza and Jani’s Wild Ride

Today we explore two totally different mountains on opposite sides of the same valley. First, we transfer partway up the slopes of Petza Mountain, one of the biggest and most significant peaks of the region. We spend the morning exploring the rocky, loose trails which contour around its slopes before cutting down through singletracks and fast trails to the valley floor for lunch.

After a cracking meal at one of our favourite local bars we jump into the vehicle and head back up to the highest farm that we visited on day 3 (this is a great climb for those who prefer to pedal up). From here we join Jani’s Wild Ride, an amazing route through wild forests, climbing first then descending on crazy singletrack through dense undergrowth, across log bridges and onto a technical, rooty, rocky trail to the finish.

Meals Included:    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner    
Cycling:   25 miles    40Km


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Day 7 - Underground Biking and the White Valley Ride
Today you will ride right through a mountain a full 6km across. This won’t be on a road or through a big tunnel but on a journey through the vast mine network that sits beneath Podpetza, the mountain we rode over on day 2.

This incredible ride takes almost two hours and is led by a former miner, now trained up as an underground biking guide. You’ll be issued with a caving light to fit to your helmet and then, in small groups, we’ll head into the dark. Along the way there are places where we stop to explore the caverns and old mine workings. Its night riding but not as you’ve ever experienced it, and even though it is not technical mountain biking this unique ride is truly memorable.

Once we pop out of the mountain its time to climb up to our first singletrack of the day, the Mejitza Mine Trail. This snaking trail winds down into the ski area of the town far below, where we finally arrive at our lunchtime café stop.

This is a lot of riding already but there is more great stuff to come. While you eat lunch our staff load the bikes onto the trailer for the final ride transfer of the trip, a short drive up to the top of the White Valley. This final descent is truly breathtaking – pictures of this trail are on the cover of our brochure and have featured in the mountain bike press too, it’s that good and that scenic.

Meals Included:    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner       
Cycling:    27 miles   44Km  


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Day 8 - Heading home

This morning we pack up bikes and bags ready for the transfer to Ljubljana and the flights home. Our guide will be on hand throughout the morning to help with any bike issues and make sure everything is secured and ready for the journey.
Meals Included:    Breakfast     
Cycling:   0 miles    0Km

Slovenia 8 day Package holiday



per person

£300 deposit with the final balance due 60 days before the tour date



8 days Saturday to Saturday

The biking

6 days fully guided
Expert local guide
Fitness grade 2/3
Skill grade B & C
Tour Group size 4 - 7

  1. 7 nights high quality accommodation
  2. Two guides for all rides (with groups smaller than 9 there will be one guide)
  3. All breakfasts, 6x lunches, 6x dinners as per itinerary
  4. 6 biking days
  5. Afternoon tea and cakes on 6 biking days
  6. Vehicle uplifts for some rides
  7. Cable car uplift
  8. Underground cycling tour and museum entry
  9. Airport transfers (from specific flights)

Frequently Asked Questions

Payments & COVID19

Travel Insurance - £37.49

With extensive COVID-19 cover

2022 Slovenia Dates
Trip Dates 2022


Sunday - Sunday

09 - 16 October 2022

2 places left

Trip Dates 2023


Saturday - Saturday

15 – 22 April 2023

Tour Price £1090

13 – 20 May 2023

Tour Price £1090

15 – 22 July 2023

Tour Price £1090

09 – 16 September 2023

Tour Price £1090

14 – 21 October 2023

Tour Price £1090


Flight transfers from:
Ljubljana LJU

Click on the SkyScanner airplane icon next to the trip date to see the most up to date flight prices. Flights are only available to purchase 12 months in advance.

Choosing the Right Holiday
At CycleActive we carefully grade our trips to a required level of fitness and, for a required level of mountain biking skill. We also offer personal advice to anyone who needs it, by email or on the phone, thus ensure that you find a holiday suitable for your abilities and desires. 
Fitness grade 2 & 3. The trip has a mixture of ascents and descents so a reasonable level of fitness is required. However having two guides and a vehicle for uplifts on some days allows for a flexible approach, based upon the groups’ abilities.
Skill grade B & C. Flowing and fast singletrack is our focus in Slovenia – the kind of trails that middle ability riders can enjoy at their own pace while expert riders can attack at full speed for maximum thrills. There are other trails, such as wild ancient tracks, double tracks and rough fire roads, but we aim to use the very best trails on offer, and keep clearing new ones each season.
Geography & Climate
Slovenia sits between Austria and the Adriatic sea, giving it a pleasantly warm Alpine climate for most of the spring, summer and autumn months. The region we visit is the Karavanke Alps, which stretch along the border with Austria and reach peaks of just over 2000m
Cycling terrain
This is a very flexible trip with a mix of terrain. We have focussed on the best singletrack trails with some double track, some scenic fire roads and a range of wild cart tracks, and forest trails too. With two guides and vehicle uplifts we can be flexible in catering for different abilities.
Accommodation & Food
We stay in a lovely farmhouse on the rolling hills that lie directly beneath Petza Mountain, just a few kilometres from the Austrian border. The farmhouse is graded as a 4* tourist farm, producing much of its own organic food from its gardens for the home cooked evening meals. There is a small pool next to the large, open lawns that stretch out over the hill with views down into the valley below.
Cycle Rental
The local bike shop has Specialized bikes available to rent in Slovenia.  We can reserve the bikes for you.  Your payment and contract will be held direct with the bike shop.  – these are fitted with full suspension and hydraulic disc brakes. If you prefer to bring your own bike then this is not a problem as most airlines now offer additional baggage space for a small additional fee. If you are uncertain about bike carriage or rental please call to discuss the options.
Passports and Visas
A full passport is required.
Pre-Travel Information
When you book a more detailed pre-travel pack will be sent to you with details on clothing to bring, money, bike packing and other useful topics.

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