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3 or 4 Riding Days

Suitable Bike

Road / Hybrid / eBike

Fitness Grade

2 - 3

Skills Grade



Self Guided

The Way of the Roses Coast to Coast Itinerary

The Cycling - Introduction

This route crosses the country between the bay of Morecambe on the west coast and the promenade at Bridlington to the east, passing through the counties of Lancashire (red rose) and Yorkshire (white rose). This tour takes you along stunning river valleys, high into the Yorkshire dales, through towns steeped in history dating back to the Neolithic era and across ancient Viking battlefields. Our trips complete this route in three or four full days of cycling - that's enough to be a challenge, but still do-able by any moderately fit person used to consecutive days in the saddle.


3 day version makes the best use of the weekend, with you arriving with us on a Thursday evening and completing the ride on Sunday afternoon, where we transfer you back to your car for your journey home.  

4 day version runs from Sunday evening, to Thursday afternoon, also including the transfer back to your car in Morecambe.

With both tours we aim to arrive back at your car in Morecambe for 19:00 - 19:30. Those traveling by rail, we can drop you and your bag at Bridlington Train station near to the finish, so you can start your onward journey.

Usual daily distances:

3 day version:

62miles, 65 miles, 43miles or 100km, 104km & 69km

4 day version:

35miles, 42miles, 50miles, 43miles or 56km, 68km, 80km, 69km

Total height gain: 

9964ft or 3037m

Frequently Asked Questions

Payments & COVID19


Quiet backroads and traffic-free cycleways. The majority of the ride travels through rolling countryside, although there are a few prolonged, steep climbs to contend with. A moderate level of fitness is recommended.

Support vehicle:

A vehicle will be used to move bags from place to place, but will not follow you directly. We provide a telephone number for the driver if you require assistance.

Tour staff:

We will meet you at the beginning of the tour to answer any questions you may have, along with setting up any pre-arranged hire bikes. This member of staff will be moving the luggage and overseeing the tour.

Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions

Choosing the Right Holiday
At CycleActive we carefully grade our trips according to both the level of fitness you need and, for mountain biking, the level of skill you need. We also offer personal advice to anyone who needs it, by email or on the phone, to ensure that you find a holiday suitable for your abilities and desires.
Fitness grade 2-3. This means you need to be a moderately fit cyclist as the C2C does involve three full days of cycling over hilly terrain. You can take your time as this tour is not guided, so you don’t have to stay at the pace of others, but you do need reasonable stamina. For those who want extra challenges, we have additional off-road options planned too.
Skill grade A-B. The main route follows backroads so you do not need experience at off-road riding to be able to enjoy it. 
Tour Guidebook and Packing Advice
A full recommended kit list will be provided when you book. An official Sustrans map is available from us (extra cost – please order when you reserve your space) which, combined with the official signage, should ensure a smooth crossing of the country. On arrival at the guest house in Morecambe, you will be told where the best place to park for the weekend is. There may be parking charges, dependant on availability of free on-road parking. 
Geography & Climate
This is a hilly ride through varied terrain and at different times of the year, it can be very warm or very cold. We recommend that you keep an eye on weather forecasts prior to the trip and travel with a good variety of cycle clothing to allow for the range of temperatures, and for rain or showers. 
Cycling Support
This trip is unsupported (A van doesn't follow you at all time) and unguided so once you head out on your cycling days you are responsible for your own safety and your own journey from point to point. A CycleActive member of staff is transporting luggage and can be telephoned if you have a problem out on the bike. The route is well signed and there is a detailed map produced by Sustrans (available from us) specifically for the route, so finding your way should not be a problem.
Accommodation & Food
We have made this tour as comfortable as possible so you can enjoy a good place to finish each night, with a hot shower and tasty food. All accommodation has been carefully selected by us and offers a high level of service to all of our clients. 
Cycle Rental
If you want to use your own bike we recommend either a road bike, mountain bike with fast rolling road going tyres, a hybrid bike or a sturdy touring road bike. You can complete the ride on regular road bikes but some of the traffic free sections are a bit rough for skinny tyres. You can divert round these section with ease. If you want to rent a bike please contact us to discuss your needs and we will reserve a bike for you. We use current model Trek mountain bikes, in excellent condition and fitted with fast rolling on/off road suitable tyres. 
The Way of the Roses cycle tour fits in very well with the UK’s train network. Morecambe is an 11min journey off the mainline at Lancaster, which in turn is only 2hours 40 from the centre of London. Once on the promenade at the finish on the east coast, Bridlington’s train station is a stone's throw away.   
Clothing and equipment
On booking, a detailed list of useful and essential items will be sent to you. You must bring your own cycle helmet that must be worn for all cycle rides. All clothing and equipment must be packed in one small to medium sized bag, either a soft holdall or soft rucksack. This is the maximum luggage allowed as all bags are carried in a minivan and space is limited.